master brewer

“If I’ve learned anything about life, it is that every hobby only spends money. But when given the opportunity to turn your hobby into your work, you have to do it. And do it with passion! This means that after a few years of home brewing and gaining knowledge about brewing, it was the right time to establish a brewery. You may not like beer, but is has to well made anyway.”

Tel: +372 506 3771


hunt kriimsilm (the wolf with 9 jobs)

“I’m a native of the Wild East who entered the competitive food industry along with his family to do something that I really care about. In three years, Purtse restaurant-cafe has fought its way into the list of top Estonian restaurants and I can proudly say we represent all 12 trappist beer makers of the world. I started brewing around the same time Innar did, one of us in the garage, the other in his city apartment. Ultimately we joined beers and turned my garage into a brewing station, where we would refine our skills and the taste of beer.”

Tel: +372 514 6774



“Personally, I like the best of everything – good food, good company, good beer. Therefore, I only sell beer that I like, and I can tell good beer from afar.

As a hopeless traveler, I have friends and acquaintances from Greenland to Vanuatu and I shall make them drink Purtse beer in no time.”

Tel: +372 506 9281