Tai Boh

Tai Boh

Style: Tangerine Lager

Malt: Pale ale, Vienna, Amber, Aromatic, Drc, Dextrin
Hops: Citra
IBU: 25
Alc: ABV 6,5% Vol
Package: 330ml bottle, 30L KeyKeg
Country of Origin: Estonia


Tai Boh is a 6,5% ABV lager brewed with fair amount of tangerines. It is a beer collabed with restaurant Tai Boh located in Tallinn, Estonia. Despite it’s stronger alcohol level, the beer has remained mild and is easy to drink. The color is averagely hazy, red-brownish colored. Foam is stable and thick, bubbles are thin structured and with low intensity. Aroma is intense and slightly sweet. You can smell caramel, hops, tropical fruits, tangerine, rasperries and dried figs. Taste is half dry and fruity, well balanced and with an avarage body. You can feel the tastes of tangerine, caramel and honey, all tied up with slight tannins and long tangerine aftertaste. We recommend serving it in a TEKU type glass and, as usual, chill before drinking. Cheers!

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