Style: Lager beer

Malt: Pilsner, Crystal Maple
Hops: Monroe, Hallertauer Mittelfrueh
IBU: 25
Alc: ABV 4,7% Vol
Packages: 330ml bottle, 30l KeyKeg


KÄMP is our flagship German lager using authentic german pilsner malt and delicate Hallertau Mittelfrüh and Monroe hop varieties which we added in the whirlpool! Kämp looks fantastic in a tall pilsner glass where it displays an almost brilliant clarity, a bright pale yellow color and a beautiful fluffy snow white head. When you see it you want it! The malt and hop character is subtle like in any good pale lager but still you may find notes of white bread, vanilla lemon cake, fresh hay, geranium flowers or something more maybe… In the end, the main idea with Kämp is to give the drinker a soft, dry and easy drinking beer for a refreshing and to thirst quenching moment. With this beer you won’t notice the alcohol, you will taste just a touch of bitterness for balance and a moderately high carbonation for crispness in the finish. To enjoy our beer at its best, remember to store Kämp cold at any time (around 4°C and definitely no higher than 12°C) and enjoy it as soon as you can! Kämp should also be served around 6°Celsius.


The Aa beach pioneer camp was visited by a famous camp-artist from New York. On a one campfire evening a local lager beer was offered to the visitor with light bangs and futuristic hipster glasses. The artist was struck with a such inspirational breakthrough that he grabbed a fanfare from a pioneer and blew the whole Miles Davis’ album “Bitches Brew” from between his back cheeks. We like it wild.

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