Style: Sweet Stout

Malt: Pale Ale, Munich, Crystal T50, Golden Naked Oats, Chocolate malt, Brown malt
Hops: Columbus
IBU: 25
Alc: ABV 6,3% Vol
Packages: 330ml bottle, 20L & 30L KeyKeg
Country of Origin: Estonia


Siidisuka Sweet Stout is strong, but at the same time mild and easy to drink handcraft stout. Even at 6.3% ABV the tastes are not too strong. The aroma is a great mixture of chocolate, mild coffee and tiramisu. The taste is quite similar. Since we have used lactose in this beer, you can feel a balanced fusion of sweet milk chocolate and mild coffee already in the first sip. Siidisuka Sweet Stout is perfect to accompany almost any dessert, but at the same time it’s a perfect beer to just have during a cloudy day. Serve it chilled as usual and in a fine and open glass, so the aromas can tingle your nose even more. Cheers!


In 1930s, the director of Kohtla-Järve oil shale plant came home from work. Put down his briefcase and turned around the portrait of the Head of State to face the wall. Put on fancy silk stockings, played a folk song record and started to shake his hips in front of the mirror. Let the man do what he wants to do. We like it wild.

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