Style: Sweet Stout

Malt: Pale Ale, Munich, Crystal T50, Golden Naked Oats, Chocolate malt, Brown malt
Hops: Columbus
IBU: 25
Alc: ABV 6,3% Vol
Packages: 330ml bottle, 20L & 30L KeyKeg
Country of Origin: Estonia


Siidisuka Sweet Stout is strong, but at the same time mild and easy to drink handcraft stout. Even at 6.3% ABV the tastes are not too strong. The aroma is a great mixture of chocolate, mild coffee and tiramisu. The taste is quite similar. Since we have used lactose in this beer, you can feel a balanced fusion of sweet milk chocolate and mild coffee already in the first sip. Siidisuka Sweet Stout is perfect to accompany almost any dessert, but at the same time it’s a perfect beer to just have during a cloudy day. Serve it chilled as usual and in a fine and open glass, so the aromas can tingle your nose even more. Cheers!

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