Style: Hazy IPA

Malt: Barley malt, wheat malt
Hops: Citra, Galaxy, Mosaic
IBU: 55
Alc: ABV 7,0% Vol
Package: 330ml can, 20L KeyKeg
Country of Origin: Estonia


Udukogu is a Hazy IPA style beer. Hazy IPA, as the name says, is a hazy and opaque IPA, which is accomplished thanks to a fair amount of hops and a special type of yeast. That is why this beer has a stronger, more creamy and silky body than usual IPA type beers. For this brew we have used a lot of fresh and citrusy hops during dry-hopping – Citra, Galaxy and Mosaic. We recommend trying hoppy beers as fresh as possible and of course, chill before serving. Cheers!

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